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„LEINEFELDER - The Yarn People” with its own open end- and ring spinning facilities as well as their own and dyeing mill is producer of cotton yarns and high quality blends in dyed and un-dyed yarns. The application for weaving and knitting (for circular and flat knitting).

„LEINEFELDER - The Yarn People” has positioned its sales internationally and serves the field of fashion, home textiles, functional sports wear as well as medical products.

„LEINEFELDER - The Yarn People” is supplier for fine core yarns in undyed and dyed, yarns as well as for hard core yarns designed for the application workwear.

With help of the own laboratory as well as the quality assurance „LEINEFELDER - The Yarn People” develop new products with its customers. The own dyeing mill is able to dye customer`s colours up to 700 kg in one dye lot. Melanges in cotton especially for socks and flat knitting but also blends with cashmere are fibre dyed and spun at „LEINEFELDER - The Yarn People”.


LEINEFLDER Textilwerke GmbH
Boschstrasse 12-20
D-37327 Leinefelde-Worbis

Tel: +49-3605-506-0
Fax: +49-3605-506-347
E-mail: info@LEINEFELDER.com